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Welcome to Americana Tattoo Company, we provide the best quality ink in the Las Vegas valley. If you can dream it we can tattoo it. We take pride in every tattoo we do and ensure your satisfaction! Originally from San Diego, California Owner of Americana Tattoo Company Tone Chingon set up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a well rounded tattoo artist covering anything from traditional, black & grey, chicano art, realism, japanese, and cover ups. With an all star staff of tattoo artists, our shop can illustrate anything you can imagine. Now taking appointments. for more info call 702-458-7770


There is no tattoo we can not do. We will exceed your expectations and give you something that you will be proud to show and make other jealous to have.

Team of Professionals

All of our tattoo artists have years of experience. Every artist at our shop are licensed professionals.

Creative Design

Sit down with one of our artists and come up with something that is meaningful to you. We can bring your ideas to life making a piece of art you can carry the rest of your life!

Hand Picked Artists

All of our artist were hand picked by Mr. Chingon to create a well rounded tattoo shop that can accommodate any tattoo style you desire.

Our Services

From the moment you come through our doors, you will be treated with the utmost respect and make new friends at the same time. We can create custom artwork and script or we can recreate your own design. Our work speaks for itself and we get most of our business from word of mouth.

Realism Tattoos

Traditional Tattoos

Script Tattoos

Cover Up Tattoos

Tattoo Aftercare

Clean Design

Why choose Americana Tattoo Co

Because we provide some of the best quality tattoos in Las Vegas. We take pride in every single piece we do and ensure your satisfaction! With a all-star staff of tattoo artists our shop can illustrate anything you can imagine on your body. With years of experience from every one of our tattoo artists, you are guaranteed a great tattoo no matter what. We pair you up with the best artist that matches what you want tattooed on your body.

100% new needles for every tattoo

Cleanliness is next to godliness and so is our shop. Everything is sterilized and we ensure you have no worries on that matter.

Free hand or Photo Reproduction

Either leave it to us and our artistic ability to give you the tattoo you want, or bring a photo we reproduce.

Clean Shading

Our realism tattoos have some of the cleanest shading and straightest lines in the business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will work on you tattoo till the early hours of the morning if we have to, to get exactly what you want and expect from a professional tattoo artist.

Staff Support

Here at Americana Tattoo Company we work as a team, giving input in to what is going to be best for the art you are having placed on your body.


Americana Tattoo Company is all about tradition and family, we do everything old school and once you are inked by one of our artists you are part of the Americana Tattoo Family!

Always professional service, ensuring the customer gets exactly what they want.

Americana Tattoo Co History

History of the Americana Tattoo Company family. From day one to now, here is our story.

  • 2017
  • 22 Oct 17

    Americana Tattoo Co is Born!

    Opened Americana Tattoo Co with a lot of help from friends he turned this into one of the cleanest, most traditional tattoo parlor in town!

  • 22 Oct 17

    Sleepy Hollow Tattoo @ Hooters Casino

    Tone spent 1 year at Sleepy Hollow Tattoo inside the Hooters Casino where he gained some valuable experience.

  • 22 Oct 17

    Hart & Huntington

    Went and worked for Carey Hart at Hart and Huntington Tattoo in the Palms Casino.

  • 22 Oct 17

    Went to Las Chance Tattoo

    This was a great move for Tone, getting to work with Ryan Downy, Shannon Bundy, and Clean Rock One for 4 years which gave him some of the best work of his life. Also learning from the best Vegas had to offer.

  • 22 Oct 17

    Went to Bad Apple Tattoo

    After doing his time at Hucklebuck he moved over to Bad Apple tattoo where he felt it would be a better fit and to get more experience with new artists. He there for one year as well.

  • 22 Oct 17

    Helped Build Hucklebuck Tattoo

    Tone had a huge part in getting Hucklebuck Tattoo started with Gianni Russo. The shop went from nothing to thriving very quickly. Tone stayed at Hucklebuck Tattoo for one year.

  • 22 Oct 17

    Viva Las Vegas!

    Tone moved to Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

  • 22 Oct 17

    Tone started his apprenticeship

    Tone started apprenticing at Monster Tattoo in Pacific Beach, CA for the whole 2003 summer.

Americana Tattoo Artists

Hand selected by Mr Tone Chingon, we have a supreme staff of tattoo artists ready to help you create the tattoo of your dreams.

Tone Chingon

Owner / Tattoo Artist

Anthony Amaya also well known as Tone Chingon has always had a passion for art as far back as he could remember. He started doodling which turned into sketches and sketches turned into drawings growing up in national city in the late 80s Tone was inspired by San Diego's graffiti scene which was at an all time high. By seventh grade he started doing commission art airbrushing hats, T-shirts, overalls, etc. In his mid 20's, after many dead end jobs Tone caught his break. He was offered an apprenticeship at Monster Tattoo in Pacific Beach, CA. A year and a half later he moved to Las Vegas where he finished his apprenticeship.


Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist

Mark "Sketch" Somoza was born in East Los Angeles, CA. He started drawing well before the age of 3. He was inspired by everything in the LA culture from automobiles, graffiti, chicano art, Mexican American religious imagery, especially animation and comic illustration. After graduating high school he utilized his talents to pursue a career in automotive design. After a brief stint at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena Ca, he made a life decision and ultimately joined the U.S. Air Force in 2006. While in the service his constant drawing and doodling earned him the nickname "Sketch" and it stuck for good. His life changed again when a sergeant in his squadron asked if he would design a tattoo for him. After seeing that very design tattooed in his skin a week later, it was at that moment he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and things would never be the same. It wasn't until he finished his enlistment and returned to the states that he got a formal apprenticeship at a premier tattoo shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During that time he absorbed as much as he could, taking in the beauty of North American traditional tattoo designs, traditional Japanese, ancient tribal and large scale black and grey.


Tattoo Artist

Jose Geraldo "Pepe" was born in La Paz Baja, CA , raised in San Diego, CA before moving to Las Vegas, NV where he attended High School. He was inspired by graffiti art and barbering growing up. In 2008 Pepe became a Master Barber shortly after he collaborated with a family friend on his first tattoo with his original design, he was immediately inspired and intrigued with body art. Pepe began tattooing in 2012, he enjoys creating colorful concept art and custom tattoo designs. He specializes in various styles including black and gray, color, script and freehand lettering.

Jessie Pyle

Apprentice / Graphic Artist

Without Jessie the shop would not run near as smooth as it would. She is an amazing artist and soon to be amazing tattoo artist! keep and eye out for her work.


Tattoo Artist


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Pricing and Specials

Tattoo pricing depends on size and placement. Individual artists may be reserved on an hourly basis for between $100.00-$150.00/per hour* *call for individual artist hourly rates. Shop minimum = $100.00

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