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Hand selected by Mr Tone Chingon, we have a supreme staff of tattoo artists ready to help you create the tattoo of your dreams.

Tone Chingon

Owner / Tattoo Artist

Anthony Amaya also well known as Tone Chingon has always had a passion for art as far back as he could remember. He started doodling which turned into sketches and sketches turned into drawings growing up in national city in the late 80s Tone was inspired by San Diego's graffiti scene which was at an all time high. By seventh grade he started doing commission art airbrushing hats, T-shirts, overalls, etc. In his mid 20's, after many dead end jobs Tone caught his break. He was offered an apprenticeship at Monster Tattoo in Pacific Beach, CA. A year and a half later he moved to Las Vegas where he finished his apprenticeship.


Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist

Mark "Sketch" Somoza was born on Jan. 18th 1987 in East Los Angeles, CA. He started drawing well before the age of 3. He was inspired by everything in the LA culture from automobiles, graffiti, chicano art, Mexican American religious imagery, especially animation and comic illustration. After graduating high school he utilized his talents to pursue a career in automotive design. After a brief stint at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena Ca, he made a life decision and ultimately joined the U.S. Air Force in 2006. While in the service his constant drawing and doodling earned him the nickname "Sketch" and it stuck for good. His life changed again when a sergeant in his squadron asked if he would design a tattoo for him. After seeing that very design tattooed in his skin a week later, it was at that moment he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and things would never be the same. It wasn't until he finished his enlistment and returned to the states that he got a formal apprenticeship at a premier tattoo shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During that time he absorbed as much as he could, taking in the beauty of North American traditional tattoo designs, traditional Japanese, ancient tribal and large scale black and grey. He was intrigued by the beauty, history and culture that tattooing has provided. In 2012 he returned to California and tattooed at various shops in the L.A area. He has tattooed everything from the small souvenir style tattoos to full scale color, traditional, and black and grey pieces. He often freehand draws his designs directly to the skin, further living up to the "Sketch" moniker.


Tattoo Artist

Jessie Pyle

Apprentice / Graphic Artist

Without Jessie the shop would not run near as smooth as it would. She is an amazing artist and soon to be amazing tattoo artist! keep and eye out for her work.


Tattoo Artist



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